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Mississippi State Saltwater Fishing Records Set During the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic

Swordfish State Record
Weight: 242.54 lbs.
Length: 82.5″
Boat: Pay Dirt
Angler: Scott Cothran
Winnings: $376,075 & Nissan Titan

Bigeye Tuna State Record
Weight: 203.9 lbs.
Length: 70.5″
Boat: Jasper Time
Angler: Chip Temple
Winnings: $40,125

Blue Marlin State & Gulf of Mexico Record
Weight: 1054.6 lbs.
Length: 138″
Boat: Sea Wolff
Angler: Barry Carr
Winnings: $310,717 & Ford Excursion

Yellowfin Tuna State Record
Weight: 205.8 lbs.
Length: 70.5″
Boat: She’s The One
Angler: Rob Landingham
Winnings: $132,725 & Ford Expedition

Bluefin Tuna State Record
Weight: 837.1 lbs.
Length: 118″
Boat: Dreamin’ On
Angler: Bob Struwe
Winnings: $150,000

Blue Marlin State Record
Weight: 631.8 lbs.
Length: 120.5″
Boat: Never Content
Angler: Shannon Faulkner
Winnings: $130,000

Blue Marlin State Record
Weight: 917.4 lbs.
Length: 133.75″
Boat: Miss Orleans
Angler: David Pippen
Winnings: n/a