Sponsor Party and Pub Crawl Gallery

/Sponsor Party and Pub Crawl Gallery

Sponsor Party and Pub Crawl Gallery



In keeping with a Classic tradition, the annual sponsor party/pub crawl was held again Thursday evening in historic downtown Ocean Springs. The revelers enjoyed delicious shrimp, fried green tomatoes, trout fingers and other local fare at the Manhattan Grill. After receiving sustenance the procession, led by police escort and Rusty’s infamous tractor rig, made its way through the streets. First stop was the SOS Daiquiri Bar and Grill, followed by the Government Street Grocery. Leo’s Wood Fired Pizza was the next layover, accompanied by a great local band and plenty of libations. We caught up on the scores at Kwitzky’s Dugout before dancing onward to the sounds of Shout. By this time the beads were flying and the laughter echoed off the brick facades. An impromptu Conga line formed in Mosiac’s Tapas Bar before a rowdy board meeting convened at The Office.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Thanks to our wonderful tournament sponsors who make the Classic possible, thanks to our gracious hosts who put up with the madness and thanks to Ocean Springs for not calling in the National Guard!





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